Embedding Flipbooks in Emails: Alternative Approaches and Recommended Email Marketing Services

We often receive inquiries from users who want to embed an e-book into the body of an email with a flipping book effect. However, directly embedding a FlipBuilder flipbook into an email is currently not possible due to limitations in email clients. Most email clients do not support iframes or JavaScript, which are necessary for displaying a flipbook.
In this article, we will explore alternative approaches to provide a similar experience and recommend popular email marketing services that support embedding flipbooks.

What are the alternative approaches?

While direct embedding of flipbooks in emails is not feasible, the following three alternative approaches can help achieve a similar result:

  • Embed the flipbook as a link
  • Embed the flipbook as an image
  • Embed the flipbook as a GIF

#1 Embed the flipbook as a link

This is also the simplest method. After obtaining the link to the flipbook, simply paste it directly into the body of the email. Include a link in the email that directs recipients to a webpage or hosted platform where the flipbook is available. Recipients can click on the link to access the flipbook with its flipping book effect in a separate browser window or tab. This method allows recipients to enjoy the interactive features of the flipbook outside the email client’s limitations.

To get a book link, please upload the book to your website or to the FlipBuilder server by using the hosting add-on service. 

#2 Embed the flipbook as an image

You can capture any page of the flipbook as a representative image and then embed this image into the body of the email. Subsequently, you have the option to utilize the email client’s integrated feature for inserting a link and placing the book’s URL above the image. This enables your recipients to click on the image and be instantly redirected to a webpage exhibiting a captivating flipping book effect. Recipients can scroll through the pages by viewing the images in the email. Although this method lacks the dynamic flipping effect, it still provides a visual representation of the e-book’s content.

embed the flipbook as an image
-How to add a link to an image in Gmail?

1. Place the cursor at the desired location within the email body where you want to insert the image and insert one.
2. To select the image, click and hold to the right of it, then drag the cursor towards the left until the image becomes blue. Make sure not to simply click on the image for selection.
3. Click the [Insert link] icon in the formatting toolbar at the bottom and change the link.
4. Test the link by either sending a test email to yourself or clicking on the linked image within the compose window to ensure it opens the intended page.

The video below is also for your reference.

#3 Embed the flipbook as a GIF

Create a GIF animation showcasing a few pages of the e-book with a flipping effect. The GIF can be embedded directly into the email, giving recipients a glimpse of the interactive nature of the e-book. Please pay attention to the size of the GIF you create and avoid making it too large. If your animated GIF is too large in size, it will take a long time to load completely, which can negatively impact the reading experience of your email recipients. Moreover, most email providers also impose restrictions on the duration and size of GIFs that can be included in emails, so it would be beneficial for you to inquire about these limitations in advance before creating your GIF.

embed the flipbook as a gif
-How to make an animated GIF (FAST & EASY)

In many people’s impressions, creating a GIF may not be a simple task, but the truth is, creating a GIF is not as difficult as you imagine. Nowadays, there are many free online platforms available on the market that allow you to create GIFs. You don’t even need to download any software. By uploading videos or images to these platforms, you can easily generate the GIF you desire. 

There are five popular online free GIF makers on the market, you can try: GIPHY, EZGIF, Imgflip, Make a GIF, and Kapwing.
Remember to review the terms and conditions of each platform, as some may have limitations on file sizes or usage rights.

By utilizing these three alternative approaches, you can provide users with a glimpse of the e-book’s content and its interactive elements, even though the full flipping book effect may not be achievable within the email itself.

Is it possible to embed a flipbook in an email?

To overcome the limitations of traditional email clients, you can explore using third-party email marketing services that support embedding flipbooks. While it may not be possible to embed a book directly in an email using traditional email clients, these services offer alternative solutions to incorporate flipbooks into your emails.

Here are a few popular options:

  • Mailchimp: Widely used email marketing platform with a user-friendly interface. Supports embedding flipbooks through its drag-and-drop editor. Offers a variety of templates, customization options, automation features, audience segmentation, and detailed analytics.
  • Campaign Monitor: Reputable email marketing service with an intuitive interface. Supports embedding flipbooks in emails. Provides a range of design options, customizable templates, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics.
  • GetResponse: All-in-one marketing platform including email marketing features, landing page creation, and automation tools. Supports embedding flipbooks in emails. Provides a wide range of templates, customization options, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, and marketing automation features.
  • ConvertKit: Popular choice for creators, bloggers, and small businesses. Offers a simple yet powerful email marketing platform supporting embedding flipbooks in emails. Provides customizable templates, automation features, and subscriber tagging.

Please note that these third-party email services typically require payment. You can choose the platform that best suits your needs based on factors such as your budget, the services offered by the platform, customer support, and more. The best service is always the one that meets your requirements. Before purchasing a service, you can explore its full features by requesting a free demo.

We hope the methods provided above can help you solve the issue of how to embed a flipbook in an email.


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