Discover What You Can Do With FlipBuilder

Because there has been some confusion about how FlipBuilder works, here’s the guide on how to get the most out of FlipBuilder.

Simply put, we offer two types of services: the e-book maker, the programs; and the hosting add-on service.

#1 Programs

Our main business is selling programs for creating e-books/flipbooks. We currently sell the following three programs: Flip PDF Plus, Flip PDF Plus Pro, and Flip PDF Plus Corporate. There are some differences between the programs. You can directly visit the purchase page if you want to compare the differences between them.

The purchase of the program is a one-time payment. There is no catch! You will receive a perpetual license after purchasing the program. The programs need to be installed on your computer. No network connection is required, but your computer does need to have Internet access if you want to use online features, such as uploading books to the server.

#2 FlipBuilder Hosting Add-on Service

In addition to the programs, we also offer a storage service.

We would like to emphasize that this is not included in the program’s purchase. It is an optional purchase plan, not a required one. We initially provide this service to those who want to upload their flipbooks online but do not have a server available. 

You have two options for paying for the hosting add-on service. The first is the points plan, and the second is to subscribe to the monthly or yearly service. To make a more economical choice, if you have fewer than 10 books in your account, we recommend that you use the points plan, and if you have more than 10 books in total, using the monthly or annual subscription plan would be a better choice. Get more>

After your purchased hosting service expires, you will still be able to access your uploaded books, but a pop-up window with FlipBuilder ads will appear on them. You must renew the service in order to remove the pop-ups.

What you can do with the program?

1. Import PDF(s) or image(s) into the program and wait a second for the book to be generated. PDFs and images (JPG/JEPG/PNG/BMP) are both supported. See guidelines> 

2. Customize the books according to your preferences, like changing the template&scenes, setting up the book interface/toolbar, and enriching the book with multimedia content*.

3. Publish the flipbook in offline formats or upload the flipbook online:

  • Offline supported formats: HTML, EXE (for Windows computers), APP (for Mac computers), APK (for Android phones and tablets, only available in the Windows version of the program), and WordPress plug-in. 
  • Online flipbooks: Upload the flipbook to the FlipBuilder server (additional fees needed) or self-host the books on your own server. See guidelines>

4. Share the flipbook around, analyze the performance, and nurture leads.  

  • Add Google Analytics measurement ID into your flipbooks to track visits. Get more>
The flow chart below will also give you a general idea of FlipBuilder:
what can you do with FlipBuilder

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our help center.

*To add multimedia content, you will have to use Flip PDF Plus Pro or Flip PDF Plus Corporate.

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