7 Interactive Brand Identity PDFs You Should Not Miss

Just as everyone has their own personality and values, so does each brand exhibit its distinctive characteristics that make it different from competitors in the industry. This unique compilation of features is what we refer to as brand identity. A successful brand has an in-depth insight into how to build a strong brand identity, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the audience’s awareness. In this article, we’ve curated 7 stunning brand identity PDF examples to ignite your creativity in this article.

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity encapsulates a cohesive combination of multiple brand elements, like logo, color palette, typography, and iconography. Beyond these visual components, brand identity is also made up of a brand’s mission statement, values, voice, and strategic messaging, all of which shape the public perception of the brand. As an integral part of brand strategy, brand identity plays an essential role in setting a unified benchmark and confirming a consistent representation across all brand communications.

7 Amazing Brand Identity PDF Examples

Let’s take a look at the 7 inspiring brand identity PDF examples listed below and examine how these brands effectively utilized them to give their brands a voice.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks stands as one of the most popular coffeehouse companies. Its brand identity PDF aims to build and reinforce its brand recognition. When you hear the name Starbucks, you probably picture the Siren logo. It is therefore no surprise that it focuses primarily on its logo. Starbucks details every aspect of the logo, including the design idea, evolution, wordmark, lockup, color palette, and space. It integrates incorrect usage examples to avoid misusing the logo, thereby maintaining brand identity and setting its brand apart from the competition.

2. Apple

Apple is an American manufacturer renowned for its high-tech consumer and professional electronic devices. As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, its brand identity PDF is extremely thorough, which is intended for Apple channel affiliates and Apple-certified individuals to follow the rules for a unified brand image. It completely describes the Apple channel signatures which is a combination of the Apple logo and logotype. Colors, typography, and photography also appear in the brand identity PDF.

3. Tesla

Tesla is a multinational automotive and clean energy company, dedicated to driving the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The brand identity PDF is designed to deliver its core values, introduce the identity toolkit, and illustrate various applications for business papers and other use cases. It gives a full explanation of the Tesla Visual Identity which serves as an important representation of the brand. Telsa’s color palette comprises six codes, providing the flexibility to show its brand consistently.


Founded in 1932, LEGO is a Danish company known worldwide for its interlocking plastic bricks, captivating people around the world with its engaging creations. The purpose of this document is to create a strong brand identity as LEGO increasingly expands its global market. It includes an overview of the brand’s mission, aspirations, logo, and tone of voice to ensure credible communication across all touchpoints. This brand identity PDF features the introduction of a human-like character — my LEGO friend, expressing the brand personality and resonating with the audience effectively.

5. UCL

Located in the heart of London, University College London (UCL), is a public research university recognized globally for its academic excellence and impactful research. The brand identity PDF offers a glimpse of its brand and then goes on to elucidate its visual brand elements, like the logo, banners, colors, and imagery. UCL provides a suite of branded templates for diverse applications, such as websites, social media, videos, podcasts, and merchandise. This strategic initiative allows for a cohesive identity across all platforms and interactions and an impactful UCL presence on various platforms.

6. Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is an iOS app that supports you in editing, streaming, and recording live videos. The brand identity PDF specifies the guidelines and rules to maintain consistent messaging and represent its brand correctly. The company begins the document with a brief overview of the brand story, voice, and positioning. Only then does the brand playbook delve into visual identity elements, encompassing logotypes, iconography, typeface, and color palette.

7. Coca-Cola Zero

In 2005, Coca-Cola Company introduced Coca-Cola Zero as a new no-calorie cola. The brand identity PDF is extensively detailed and offers clear and reliable guidance on how to use the brand elements to present a unified vision of the brand to the public. It also incorporates an extensive collection of images to illustrate what you can’t do with its core brand elements.

Craft a Memorable Brand Identity

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