How to Download Unlimited HD Videos from YouTube for presentations

Posted in Video on July 4th, 2016

We live in a digital world where digital content holds a significantly high value. Videos, images, infographics, and podcasts are the common types of content that are used almost daily. Whether you need to present a business proposal or you have to present a graduate thesis or you want to post something on a Facebook page for the fans, it cannot be done without videos.

Videos convert  134% better than other types of content. It gets easier to grab the attention of the audience with videos. This is one reason why as high as 50% of the people use YouTube to see business-related videos.

Videos can spice up the presentations, they can let you deliver the message promptly, and above all, videos do not bore the audience. What’s better than using an Full-HD 1080p quality video in your  next presentation?

YouTube 1080p Full-HD Video Downloader:

YouTube has videos on anything and everything. Want to learn programming, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube. Want to service your ride, there are videos on YouTube to guide you.

Unfortunately, videos from YouTube cannot be downloaded – at least not without help of third-party  services and software utilities. You have to use an add-on to download videos, there are tons of them available in the market but let’s not waste time on talking about each of them.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader is the only tool that lets you download super crisp Full-HD videos with perfect 1920×1080 resolution. It is free, easy to use, easy to install, and lets you download videos in a whole bunch of formats and qualities including high-quality MP3 format for stunning background audio for your presentations. This tiny tool is your best partner for whatever you do on daily basis.

Use with FlipBuilder:

FlipBuilder is a powerful PDF converter that converts PDF into eBooks, presentations, digital magazines, Word, and into several other types of files and formats.

Here is the deal.

Create presentations with Flipbuilder. Use Easy YouTube Video Downloader to convert a video into high quality mp3 audio file or 1080p video and use it to power-up the presentation. It is one of the easiest ways to impress your peers and supervisor in the office, and to get good grades in the school.

Download Unlimited Videos and Audios for Offline Use

As long as you have access to the free Easy YouTube Video Downloader, downloading high quality videos is not a problem. You can download HD videos and high quality audios from YouTube for offline use. Save videos on your smartphone, on the laptop, or on an external HDD and enjoy unlimited access to YouTube on the go.

You don’t need an internet connection to stream YouTube anymore. Download your favorite videos, save them, and watch them anytime.

How to Install and Use “Easy YouTube Video Downloader”:

Downloading and installing Easy YouTube Video Downloader is not a pain. Click here to download the extension for your browser at no cost. The extension will be downloaded in a few seconds for your preferred web browser.

Install and activate it.

You will now see a button with every YouTube video “Download As”. Click on the button, choose the download format and quality, and sit back. All it takes is a minute or two to download the video.





This is the easiest and the best YouTube video downloader that will double the fun.

Jumpstart Your Brand’s Consumer Connection with a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Posted in Uncategorized on March 24th, 2016

These days, the consumer connection revolves around mobile. Mobile marketing is on the rise, and smartphone-centric advertisements are dominating the professional world. The days of television and phone marketing are gone. Now, customers are relying on mobile contact to engage brands on incredibly deep levels.


Digital ad spend is one of the marketing world’s quickest-growing segments. In 2015, it increased by 13 percent. Today, it makes up 30 percent of all marketing-related retail business expenditures. Mobile advertisement is leading customers into one-on-one, mobile-based communications—where marketers can interact with, impact and create long-lasting relationships with their audience. Making a direct connection, at the end of the day, is vital to a marketer’s success. Check out the best ways your brand can relate with consumers via mobile, and find out how your brand can prosper beyond 2016:


One: Offer Digital Coupons in Text Messages


SMS is the modern vehicle for consumer discounts. Buyers aren’t clipping coupons anymore. They’re showing their iPhones to retail associates. In 2015, 50 percent of American consumers made direct purchases right after receiving a branded QR code, text or discount coupon. By offering in-text deals, your brand can be present in the smartphone’s most intimate avenue. Buyers check texts hourly, and they’re preferring one-on-one communications over paper turn-ins.


Two: Create a Branded Utility App


Branded apps tie customers to business offers. Tablets and smartphones both offer interactive, entertaining content through mobile apps, and both can be used by your brand to engage customers at a deeper level. Give the customer what they want, and support their needs with an intuitive app design.


Mobile users spend 89 percent of their monthly media time on smartphone apps. If you’re a restaurant, create a “catch of the day” app. Or, if you’re a music venue, create a culture app. Mobile apps extend the brand into the user’s pocket. They create higher business value, create deeper connections and directly increase in-store sales.


Three: Automate Your Feedback with SMS


SMS is useful for feedback, too. When you’re not offering buyers digital coupons, you should be striking up conversation in two-way text conversations. Experts agree upon SMS’s importance in consumer relations, discussing the buyer’s need to engage messages on a personal level. In the past, text message blasts were annoying, and they were seen as spam. Now, automated SMS senders have rewired the way businesses talk to customers. By streamlining the output process, auto-responders give decision makers the space they need to focus on buyer behavior.


Moreover, business texting with sales prospects converts consumers 40 percent more often than other engagement strategies. To fully connect with buyers, your brand needs to hop into the SMS world.


Four: Create a Viral Media Plan


Viral videos never fail to enchant consumers. In recent years, they racked up e-commerce visits, in-store buys and social media hits. Today, they’re implemented in mobile marketing strategies. They’re pulling customers into deeper communication networks.


Automate your MMS plan, and pique user interest with rich video. If you can, take advantage of YouTube, Vine and Snapchat. You’d be surprised how many consumers buy into the big-dog online media providers. Once you’ve developed a comprehensive plan, you’ll be ready to attract deeper, increasingly meaningful user communications. Remember to target the right customers, however, because different consumer gaps are interested in different digital videos.


Outfit your every mobile approach for the consumer, and rely on automation to “take care of the number.” Focus on behavior, and gather data through your brand’s app and SMS campaign. In doing so, you can guarantee ongoing customer relationships. More importantly: you can ensure deep buyer relationships.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing?  I would love to read your comments below.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at  Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

Follow Sophorn on Twitter(@Trumpia), LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

Easy Online Photo Tool for Collage, Photo Card & Social Media

Posted in Images on September 22nd, 2015

There are plenty of photo tools available online for editing and organizing your digital photos. FotoJet developed by PearlMountain Technology Co., is a never-miss-out online tool that helps to turn your photos into amazing artworks with minimum effort.

First of all, there are no complex settings and the whole interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Using FotoJet is as easy as moving and dragging your mouse; no registration or download is required.


When you entered its template page, you will be shown a superb list of templates. There are more than 400 delicate templates classified into various categories including Collage, Photo Card, Social Media and Misc. Under the Collage category, you can choose from like Modern, Classic, Art, Creative and even 3D templates. For photo cards, it covers almost all occasions and popular holidays such as Anniversary, Baby, Wedding, Birthday, Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.


If you are an active social media user, you will be amazed at its gorgeous designs for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus. All of these designs are perfectly designed with proper size that’s great for uploading for use without resizing and cropping.

FotoJet includes many templates for Magazine, Fun Photo, and Comic, from which you can design yourself to be a famous magazine cover star or to become a wanted man, an astronaut, a medieval knight, a beautiful fairy and any other character you will think!

Once you are done with choosing the template, the next pick is to browse and glean photos you wish to insert. A great feature is the direct import of pictures from Facebook – makes choosing pictures easy and fast. Further you can edit the photos to your liking with the tools of Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Filters and color adjustments. Also, changing the text is simple in FotoJet. You can double click to edit the templates text with your own words. Text can be adjusted with different font, color, and size.

One more thing, if you don’t choose form templates, you can also boost your creativity by working with the “Classic” mode. There are many classic layouts and the arrangements of each layout can be easily changed. You are allowed to add and edit text and clipart for retouching the layout. Background is also customizable with color, pattern and your own image. At last, save and share option is absolutely easy and quick.


This is a web-based tool that’s all in one for photo collages, cards, social media graphics, fun photos and more. You can click here to see what you can develop with it!

4 Useful CSS Tools for Web Developers to Save the Coding Time  

Posted in web design on September 2nd, 2015

As the web developer, it is essential to grasp a series of CSS tools to speed up the coding time. For web developers, most development tools can help them create stylish, functional and optimized websites with a few shortcuts. Just as Flip PDF can convert PDF to flipbook in several clicks without coding, the useful CSS tools simplify your work and make your project go smoother.


However, how can we find the useful tools to work effectively as there are so many CSS tools in the market? Here is the CSS tools I think you should know to improve the speed and efficiency of your own project.


  1. Swimbi Swift Menu Builder( )

When it comes to building navigation menus, this software will save your time and money in coding. Even if you little knowledge about CSS, you can build the cool CSS menus with Swimbi. It is user friendly with the easy to use user interface. What surprise you is just a default set which can be extended by the third party icon sets ( ). Real time preview which gives you the ability to see all changes as they happen.



  1. CSS MenuMaker( )

It is easy to build clean and responsive website navigations with CSS Menu Maker. It provides you with 5 layouts, including Drop Down, Vertical, Flyout, Horizationtal and Tabbed. And for the web developers, it can provide source code for all their CSS menus so that you can download, tweak and integrate as much as you want.


  1. Symbolset( )

Symbolset turns words into icons using font magic. It helps you to create meaningful icons which are semantic, accessible and scalable. To be more specific, the word “Twitter” displays a Twitter icon. Every unique font can be displayed as a unique icon.


  1. Formoid( )

This tool combines latest design ideas and most advanced web technique, which makes creating beautiful web forms a cinch and a joy. It is a beautiful CSS form generator with the most intuitive using interface.

These tools may play a small role in your website developing. But it is absolutely easy way to quickly build up the attractive website. Hope all the above tools are useful for you when you face the website developing problems.



Save Money with Discount Coupon Code When purchasing Flip PDF

Posted in Flipbooks on March 14th, 2014

In marketing, a coupon is a ticket or a document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Discount coupon code means a lot to customers. It helps customers to afford the products they are interested in or save money when buying the products.

You’ve heard it before: “Coupons are a waste of time! What’s the use in saving 40 cents? They’re too much of a hassle.” However, Flip Builder will provide you with real discount and you can get it easily.


Flip PDF is a professional program for users to convert PDF files into Page turning eBooks, brochures and magazines for online or offline viewing. It is easy for users to use without using any code skill. Usually, users need to pay $99 for Flip PDF when they decide to purchase it, but now we are pleased to offer some policies for our royal customers to free use this FlipBook Software – Flip PDF from

Are you ready to get discount now?

1.10% to 100% Off for sharing our software on social networks

Easily get 10% discount by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You will have a chance to win a Free license code if you post a recommendded message about our software on Facebook or Twitter. The specific discount rate relies on the followers of your social account: 50 – 1000 followers, 20% off; 1000 – 3000 followers, 40% off; 3000 – 5000 followers, 60% off; 5000+, 100% off.

2. 20% to 100% Off for Posting our software, giving Backlink or Banner Ad

1) Posting

Write a post or review to give a brief introduction of our software on your blog or website. We will evaluate the ratings of your blog and website and give you the specific discount based on your web or blog details, such as traffic, PR, page view etc.

2) Giving Backlink or Banner Ad

To put a backlink or advertising banner on your home page so as to get biggest discount of our software. We will also evaluate all details of you website and give you specific discount coupon code.

3. 30% to 100% for Non-Profit Organization

If you are from a non-profit organization, you can proof your identity with certificates or other documents. We promise to offer you a basic 30% discount for all products of our website. Moreover, if you can offer a backlink or a banner ad for from the organization website, you will win a totally Free license code without paying one cent. The final discount rate will depend on the quality of your website as well.

 If you have anything confused, please feel free to contact us.

How to optimize your eBook for top ranking on Google

Posted in Blog focus, eBooks, Flipbooks, Website marketing on June 28th, 2013

It is essential and vital for businesses to be searched on Google as to survive and develop. Yet, being searchable does not mean you can be found. I mean, who are willing and patient enough to run every searched result one by one, page by page to your ranking on Page 25? Most netizens just click results on the first few pages or even less. This is no exception for your eBook. But top ranking can improve the odds that net users recognize and access your eBook. It’s very important to optimize your eBook for top ranking on Google. optimize-for-top-rankings-on-google

So what are the ways? The fastest and most effective way is to pay for it, but paying for top ranking is not the long-term strategy and will not stand you in good stead in the long run. However, you are definitely able to go great guns without impact on your budget through your own effort.

1.   Optimize description.

How do people find your eBook? They search what they want by using keywords and phrases. That means you should perfect the description for your eBook with the hot keywords and phrases. But how do you know what the hot keywords are? You can use keyword analytics tool such as Google AdWords. This keyword tool shows you useful data like global searches and local searches. Besides, it provides you with analytics of similar search terms.

2.   Link building

It is a good idea to share your eBook on as many sites as possible because people can search and access it more easily. On one hand, write an article to introduce your eBook and post it on your blog with the book link inserted. On the other hand, post your book link on different social networks and you will enable it to be shared among your friends and your friends’ friends. What’s more, review sites and forums can also increase the book exposure.

3.   Make your eBook readable

While talking about “readable”, it doesn’t only require your book content is well written, but also ensure the book is accessible with ease. The easier people can access your book, the more likely they will like it, recommend it and share it. So why not make your eBook accessible and readable both online and offline without third-party software involved. And when reading online, make sure it can be read in different browsers and mobile devices.

Best practices for sharing eBooks on social networks

Compared with paper books, eBooks are more popular in this digital era. Readers love the eBook because they can access it with ease, anytime and anywhere; Sellers love the eBook because they can make a fortune from it. All in all, eBooks are hot. And for whatever purpose, authors, eBook sellers and distributors and marketers try every means to make their eBooks accessible, searchable and sharable. They hire affiliate services and even launch advertising campaign such as Google Adwords, which of course might have an impact on their budget. And there are some other ways: email marketing and Newsletter campaign. Indeed, these two methods play an important role in marketing and help boost the sales, yet they have disadvantages. Marketers keep bombarding the contacts in their email lists, but they just overlook the fact that most people don’t like being bombarded with endless emails and they will likely regard these emails as spam.share-ebook-on-social-networks

After investigating and reviewing others’ ideas, tips and solutions, I figure out the following practices for sharing eBooks on social networks.

1.  Make sure your eBooks online. The advent of the Internet makes it possible and easy to share info with people from all over the world. Taking the advantages of the Internet will help you share your eBooks widely and effectively. So why not make your eBooks live on website.

2.  Focus on your content. Content marketing is ranked as an important and effective strategy for marketing, so creating a high quality content eBook will help you attract more readers. Yet, this does not mean you should pay full attention to your book content because your broadcast for the eBook on website and social networks is equally important. So it’s wise to make both your book content and online description SEO-friendly.

3.  Classify your audience. In a broad sense, eBooks include not only digital story books (most of which require eBook reader), but also e-Catalogs, e-Brochures and so on. When sharing your eBooks on social networks, you will get better results to customize your feeds based on your target audience. For example, if you are selling products via e-Catalog, you are not suggested to write “eBook” on your post. And it’s a good idea to share your books on multiple social networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can even create videos for you wonderful eBooks to share on YouTube.

4.  Make it easy to share on social networks. The magic of social networks is that they enable your message spread like virus. However, you can make it better by enabling readers to share your eBooks with ease. You can create a share button for each social network and your readers can share your eBooks simply with a button click.

5.  Make use of third-party services. If you are an eBook seller and want to make a profit by selling your eBooks, why not take advantage of the reputable book selling sites like Amazon Kindle? You can refer to “20 Websites to Sell Your eBook“.

What else suggestions have you got? I would love to hear your original points of view.

Using links to navigate a story, flipbooks at their best

Posted in eBooks, Flipbooks on June 14th, 2013

In this digital age, more and more people prefer digital publications rather than paper material. This is because digital publications such as eBooks have a lot of advantages over paper books: take less space, easy to store and transfer, easy to access, etc. However, eBook has its own disadvantages. No matter in what kind of format, eBook requires an eBook reader. That means if readers want to read the eBook, they have to download and install third-party software. Besides, there are many different eBook formats and some eBook readers just support specific eBook formats, which means one eBook reader is not enough.

Here at FlipBuilder, we believe that flip books can help avoid the disadvantages of eBooks. With a flip book, readers can access book content without using an eBook reader such as Kindle and GGbook. Instead, they can read the flip book with ease via a browser. What’s more, readers can also read the flip book on their mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android phones.flipbuilder-links

In addition to presenting readers with page flipping effect, flip books help them navigate through the whole book with more options by taking the advantages of links.

1. Table of contents

Table of contents is the main structure of a book; it helps readers search what they want. While reading a flip book, readers don’t need to turn a number of pages to reach the intended page; instead, they can jump to the page with the table of contents.

2. Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the miniatures of the book pages which enable readers to preview the book content more easily. This contributes a lot to the improvement of reading experience.

3. Link actions

The most flexible and impressive navigation tool of a flip book is the interactive link. Imagine that you can add links anywhere you like within the book, that makes it much easier to guide the readers. You cannot only able to add page links to navigate through the book, but also insert web links to other relevant resources. And if you want, you can even add links to trigger an audio, video, flash or photo slideshow to help elaborate your ideas.

Now with flip books brilliantly designed with links, you can tell your story with ease because you enable your readers to navigate through your story without being busy turning pages, but just focusing on the content.

Using time relevant holiday content in your e-Catalog

According to a report (Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013), the top 4 digital marketing trends for 2013 are mobile marketing, social media, content marketing and author rank. Not surprisingly, content marketing is marked as the most significant one. Now if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s of great importance to focus on your content.4430_happy-holiday


For a long time, digital marketers have been promoting their brands and products using overt sales pitch. For big companies, this may be an effective way because they are well recognized, people even long for their coming products. However, small business can hardly put it over in this way. Fortunately, this is not the only way to meet with success. Great brains like you relate your brands with the immortal topic: Holidays. Holidays are widely known and celebrated and when these holidays draw near, they become the topics of focus. Marketing with well-designed e-Catalog using time relevant holiday content can maximize your effort to reach a greater audience and increase your sales.


How can you design a wonderful and attractive e-Catalog with effective and striking content? Here are some tips to help you out with this:


1.  Relate your products with holidays

Why do people buy your products? You have to convince them. Do not just concentrate on pitching your products such as how great your products are or what features your products include. Instead, showing them what they can benefit from your products will make you get twice the result with half the effort. For example, tell them that your product is a good choice for present on Mother’s Day. People will be directed to your catalog even though they never search your product but present for Mother’s Day on Google.


2.  Make it full of festive airMerry-Christmas

Adding featured holiday stuffs to your e-Catalog can strengthen the air of a holiday and give your readers a fresh and warm experience. You can embed video, audio, flash or image to the catalog. Imagine that once your readers open your catalog, they can listen to “Jingle Bell”. Imagine that how they feel if they see snowflakes floating in your catalog. This reminds them of the upcoming Christmas.


3.  Give discount to your readers

Holiday is a great time for promotion. Offering discount can help you arouse the attention of your audience who will likely be your consumers. When you design the catalog, add links to your website so your readers can get to the discount items with ease. And make sure you’ve updated your website with holiday elements. Besides, you can set printable section which can be printed out as coupon.


The frenzy of Mother’s Day has just gone, but Father’s Day is coming. What’s your plan for the coming holidays?


Using flipbooks to engage your website viewers

What’s the purpose and ultimate goal of building a website for your company? To build your brand and increase traffic to your website which will lead to more sales. In order to achieve this goal, digital marketers try every means to optimize your company websites. You place a heavy emphasis on driving traffic to your websites: designing good looking website pages, using SEO, embedding ads and so on. Beyond all doubt, this is vital to digital marketing success.engage-visitors

While it is critical to deliver traffic to your site, it’s even more important to make your visitors stick around for a while. You need to engage them! If you put all your effort into directing users to your website, but give them nothing of value to view, they will not come again. Without great content, you will get zero return on your digital marketing investment. But on the contrary, if you consistently deliver something that is perceived as valuable, they will come back to your website over and over again. When prospects frequent your website, it greatly increases the probability that they will become your customers. Additionally, it helps to keep your existing customers around. It is established that retaining an existing customer is less expensive than developing a new one, so it is also a benefit to engage your existing customers and increase their loyalty.

So how in this ever competitive internet landscape are you to engage your website visitors? It has been a hot topic for a long time and the digital marketing gurus have shared all of their brilliance on blogs and their websites: refreshing website content, making your website mobile friendly, giving your visitors a place to speak, comment and so on. At Flipbuilder we believe that we offer a powerful way to engage your website visitors: Using flipbooks to engage your website viewers. Here are a few easy ways to create long term value with a simple flipping book.

Showcase your products with flipbookspage_flip_e-catalog

If you have a lot of products, you need a well-designed e-Catalog to showcase your products. You may have created an SEO description for each of your products, but it’s not visual enough. However, if you collect a bunch of images of each product and put them in a page flipping e-Catalog, you can display your products with more distinct details. Additionally, you can add videos to the catalog such as tutorials or product demonstrations.

Engage your visitors by enabling them to vote

You can create different page flip e-Catalogs for different product lines and then start a poll; asking your visitors to vote for their favorite product lines. You can design an exclusive web page or just link to other websites for the poll where visitors can leave comments. To increase user engagement, you can offer small awards for the voters. This will not only engage your visitors, but also offer a vehicle to get feedback from them.

Reach your mobile visitors

The mobile market is quickly becoming the primary landscape for digital marketing. If you want to claim a slice of this new cake, it is important to focus a good portion of your efforts on mobile users and cater to their needs. The decision by most mobile OS developers to not allow flash to play on their devices creates a new challenge. But a Flipbuilder flip book can provide a similar set of effects and can be viewed on most mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android phones. This allows you to engage your mobile visitors with flipbooks and keep them on your website.

These are just a couple the benefits that come from using flipbooks on your websites. We would love to dig deeper into these and more in future posts. Can you think of any others that you would like to learn more about?